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Incentivise more impact by encouraging customers to purchase.

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Upsell giving encourages customers to make a greater positive impact by adding more to their cart, thereby increasing the donation amount.

The video below explains the Upsell giving campaign type and how to set it up. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

Upsell giving works by setting up giving levels with a target amount the customer must spend and a donation amount. The donation amount can be either a fixed amount or a percentage.

Set upsell giving levels

Each level has a Cart total and a donation.

Cart total: the amount the customer will need to spend in order to activate the donation.

Donation: the amount the store will donate once this level is reached. You can decide if this amount is a percentage of the total order amount or a fixed amount.

Adding and removing a level.

To add a giving level click the Add giving level button. To remove a level click the x next to the level you wish to remove.

Turn on upsell giving

Once you are happy with your settings you can turn on upsell giving by visiting the Upsell with giving page and selecting the toggle next to Increase cart sizes with giving.

Click Save to confirm your changes.

Upsell giving Widget

While upsell with giving is enabled, your customers will be able to keep track the current donation amount and upsell target on the Product page giving widget.

As users add items to their cart, the Product page giving widget will update and display the current level of donation.

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