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How do I add a new cause?
How do I add a new cause?
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Stores can fundraise for the existing causes already on Virtue. However, some stores might not be able to find a cuase that they want to support. That is why we have added an option to add a new cause to the platform.

This is a great option for stores that already have partnerships with causes and would like to bring them onto Virtue.

When adding a new cause there are 3 main steps:

Cause Information (for Virtue Assets)

When adding a new cause you will be required to add some basic information including the Organization Name, Website, Impact, Cause Description, and an icon/logo. This information will be used to populate the Virtue Widgets (see below)

The information added will impact the look of the Product Page Widget on your shop. See below based on the information form the example.

Compliance and Fundraising Agreements

When adding a new cause to Virtue there is a check box to confirm if you have an existing partnership with the cause.

If you already have a partnership and are able to fundraise for the cause that is great! If not, it is important to understand the relevant fundraising rules and regulations for your geography (and that of the cause you would like to support)

How donations are paid to the cause

When a new cause is added to Virtue - the defauly payment method is a manual donation (this can be paid on their website, via a bank transfer, etc).

However, we would be happy to set up any cause to receive automated payouts. If you add a cause to Virtue and would like the cause to automatically receive funds let us know at [email protected] and we will onboard the cause.

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