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How do causes receive funds?
How do causes receive funds?
Written by Mariya Kupryienko
Updated over a week ago

There are 4 ways that Causes receive funds from merchants.

  1. PayPal - this is the most common and preferred way Causes on Virtue choose to receive funds. Once the store connects their PayPal account, Causes that selected this donation method will receive funds into their PayPal Giving Fund account automatically.

  2. Stripe - select Causes receive donations into their Stripe Account each month. Funds go to Charities directly from the card that merchants input when selecting their Virtue subscription.

  3. Manually - in some cases we can organise for the store to transfer donations manually / into the Cause's bank account or via their website. This method is typically used when an agreement of how funds will be distributed to the Cause already exists between the merchant and the Cause or when the Cause could not set up an alternative way of receiving funds.

  4. Through Virtue - Virtue Impact Partners (like Clean Ocean Initiatives and Global Tree Planting Projects) receive funds directly from Virtue. This means the store's giving goes to Virtue first before being distributed to partners.

Here is a donations flow chart:

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