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What is Pay as you give?
What is Pay as you give?
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Pay as You Give

With "Pay as You Give," you are only charged for orders that include donations. This model is especially suitable for emerging brands anticipating fewer than 76 orders with giving per month. Your store receives all the essential features needed to run a successful giving campaign and contribute from product sales.

There's no time-bound commitment; you're simply charged a fixed amount per order for orders that include a donation.

The payment for Pay as You Give is processed fortnightly. This means you will be charged for the total number of orders within the previous 2 week period.

The fixed fee for Pay as You Give can be seen on the pricing page.

Customer Donation Add-on

This feature enables shoppers to contribute to a cause with their purchase. Alongside a fixed monthly fee, an additional fixed fee is applied to orders with giving. However, if a donation is made by both the store and the customer within a single order, only one fixed fee charge is made.

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