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Dashboard: Donations
Dashboard: Donations
Written by Mariya Kupryienko
Updated over a week ago

The Donations tab give a complete overview of the amount of money raised and the impact you have made by using Virtue Impact.

The metrics displayed in this article are cumulative totals, but can be filtered by different giving campaign types or by date.

Donations Total

The big feel-good number, the reason you decided to use Virtue. This shows the total amount you have raised.

Total Orders with Donations

The total amount of your shop orders that included a donation.

% Orders with Donations

The percentage of your shop orders that included a donation.


This section covers the total impact on your causes from both store and customer donations.


The following graphs offer a detailed view of the sources of your donations, whether from different campaign types you are running or the causes you have selected.

If the dashboard metrics are filtered by All giving types, you will be able to click on the name of the giving type exclude or include it in the graph.

Total Donations

Displays the total donation amount over time, allowing you to see how the funds are distributed among the various giving campaigns you're running.

Total Donations to Causes

Shows the distribution of donations among different causes over time, giving you insight into which causes are resonating with your customers.

Total Orders with Causes

Displays the number of orders that include giving to specific causes over time. This metric provides insight into which causes are most frequently selected by customers, helping you tailor future charitable campaigns.

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