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Giving widget - Shopify 2.0
Giving widget - Shopify 2.0

Use the Shopify 2.0 theme editor to setup widgets anywhere in your store.

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Add the Product Page Giving widget via the Shopify theme editor.

Automatically add to your shop’s product page.

From within Virtue, navigate to the Product Page Widgets page and locate the Shopify theme editor link just above the Product Page Banner text. Clicking this link will redirect you to your theme editor where the Product Page Banner will be automatically added to your product page.

Manually add the widget on any page.

Alternatively you can place the Product Page Banner anywhere in your shop using the theme editor.

  1. Head to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize.

  2. On the page you would like to add the Product Page Banner, select Add section and click on the Apps menu.

  3. From the Apps menu select Virtue Donations Banner.

  4. Click save in the top right hand corner to see the change take effect.

  5. Turn on the Product Page Banner by going to Shopify Admin > Widget > Product Page and selecting the toggle under the Product Page Banner description.

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