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Give from specific products/collections
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After you have selected to give from specific product sales, here are a few steps that you must follow:

Choose Products/Collections to Give From

In the search bar, you can search your store for specific products and collections (also known as categories if you are using WooCommerce) that you would like to give from.

Select how much you would like to Give

Next, you will be able to select how much you would like to give per product or collection. You can select to donate either a fixed fee or %age from sales

Confirm Causes

Next, there is an option to select causes for your products. If you would like all products to have the same causes - Virtue will take the Causes that you selected on the Causes Screen from onboarding.

However, if you would like different products to align with unique causes, change the option (see highlighted below) and search for unique causes for each product.

Be sure to hit save after selecting causes

Activate your Profile

Before going live there may be a few more onboarding steps depending on what features and widgets you would like to activate.

Once you are ready to Go Live - head over to the main dashboard and make sure that your profile has been activated using the toggle in the top left corner

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