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Round Ups

Customers can round up their purchase for charity at cart, cart drawer, checkout (Shopify+ only) and on product pages.

Written by Mariya Kupryienko
Updated over a week ago

Round Ups feature allows customer to contribute to your chosen charities by rounding up their purchase payment to the nearest GBP/USD/STORE CURRENCY.

Your customer giving widget will automatically display the giving amount to be added to cart as a part of the round up.


  1. Head to your Customer Giving settings in Virtue App

  2. Toggle on 'Allow customers to give with their purchase'

  3. Select 'Round up their purchase

4. Click SAVE

5. Customize the look and feel of your store-front widgets

Use 'Advanced' options (Impact Plus, Unlimited & Custom plans) to see more styling options and to add/remove the 'Custom' giving option.

6. Choose where to showcase Round ups in your store in-App or by adding the Virtue Customer Giving feature via the Shopify 2.0 Theme Editor

7. On your store - donations are added to the purchase as a product.

How it works

  1. Similar to the fixed amount customer giving Virtue automatically creates a variant on the donation in your ecommerce app for each cause you are giving to.

  2. For round ups the price of this variant is the smallest subunit amount for the currency of your shop. Ie. if your shop's default currency is USD the price of the variant will be $0.01.

  3. Depending on the currency settings of your shop, the ecommerce platform will automatically convert the price to the different currencies you are selling in.

  4. When it is time to round up a purchase, Virtue will automatically calculate how much it will cost to round up the purchase to the nearest whole amount. ie. if the purchase amount is $10.50 then virtue will offer a round up option of $0.50 which will round up the purchase to $11.00.

  5. For the other currencies if the round up variant is already a whole amount then Virtue will offer the customer to add the round up amount to their purchase. Ie. if your base currency is not USD and you sell in USD, depending on your currency settings the round up amount may be $1.00. Therefore Virtue will offer the option of $1.00 regardless of the purchase amount.

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