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Setting Up Customer Donation Matching
Setting Up Customer Donation Matching

Here are the steps to take to activate donation matching on your store

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Matching customer donations is a great way to give back. For more information on setting up customer donations - check out this article.

Setting up Donation Matching

To enable this option

  1. Navigate to the customer-giving page in app and toggle on Allow customers to give with their purchase and Match customer donations

  2. You have the option as a store to set up a monthly giving limit which includes donation matching and other active store giving campaigns

  3. Click Save

Donation Matching Widget

  • The default tagline for the customer donation widget says "Give to our chosen cause with your purchase and we will match your giving". You can customize the tagline.

  • If you would like to customize your widget colors and tagline - you can do so directly in app or in the Shopify Theme Editor. Remember to Save your updates.

  • To remove the Custom giving option head over to Advanced settings and Disable this option.

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