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Setting up giving campaigns
Setting up giving campaigns

Overview of all giving campaign types in Virtue and how to set them up.

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The video below explains all of the different types of giving campaigns. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

There are three different ways to give with Virtue; Store Giving, Customer Giving and Upsell Giving.

In this Article we are going to briefly go over which each one means so you will have a better idea as to which will best suit your needs.

Store Giving

Store Giving allows you to contribute a portion of each sale to your selected cause or causes. You have full control over the donation amount—whether it's a fixed sum or a percentage of the sale. You can opt to give on each product sold or per completed order, and you can also choose to limit donations to selected products.

The amount or percentage shoppers can expect to see donated is displayed on the Product Page Widget which can be added to the product page.

More information about how to set up store giving can be found here.

Customer Giving

Allows customers to add a donation to the cart. Shoppers can select from donation amounts you can set the on the customer giving page.

Customer giving can be run independently or in conjunction with store giving or upsell giving. It's an excellent way to engage your customers in the giving process.

There are a variety of different customer giving widgets. Cart page customer giving widget, Cart drawer customer giving widget, Checkout page customer giving widget, and the After Checkout customer giving widget.

More information about how to set up customer giving can be found here.

Upsell Giving

Upsell giving encourages customers to make a greater positive impact by adding more to their cart, thereby increasing the donation amount.

You can set giving levels with different donation amounts. A widget located on the product page giving widget will keep track of how much will be donated.

More information about how to set up upsell giving can be found here.

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